This Week In Little Steve-O Land

Thu 12/26 QUINTANA'S SPEAKEASY in Cleveland Hts (Solo Debut) 8-10 pm
Fri 12/27 THE WINE MILL in Peninsula w/ Sykora on bass 7-10 pm
Sat 12/28 WOLF CREEK TAVERN in Norton w/ Wes McCraw 7-10 pm
Sun 12/29 MUSTARD SEED MARKET CAFE in Montrose w/ Wes 11:30-2:30

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Happy 4th - Lotsa Lotsa Little Steve-O

Tues 7/5 PUBLIC SQUARE in Cleveland w/ Wes 11:30-1:30 pm Wed 7/6 LANNING'S in Bath (solo) 6-9 pm Thu 7/7 HOUSE OF BLUES restauran...