Little Steve-O This Week

Tue 2/12 750 ML WINES (solo) in Akron 6-8 pm
Wed 2/13 WATER STREET TAVERN in Kent w/ Wes McCraw 7-10 pm
Thu 2/14 HOUSE OF BLUES (Crossroads) in Cleveland w/ John Markovic 6-9 pm
Fri 2/15 ROCKSINO in Northfield w/ John Markovic 10 pm - 1 am
Sat 2/16 OTANI JAPANESE in Hudson w/ Wes McCraw 8-Midnite
Sun 2/17 GERVASI (STILL HOUSE) in Canton w/ Wes McCraw 6-9 pm

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Little Steve-O This Week

Wed 6/7 LANNING'S in Bath (Solo) 6-9 pm Thu 6/8 WOLF CREEK TAVERN in Norton w/ Wes 6:30-8:30 pm Fri 6/9 THE OAKS LAKESIDE in Chip...