Rest In Peace Chris Cornell

The Voice of Rock is Gone.
For my money,( post Paul Rodgers), Mr. Cornell was "The Voice" of Rock! His voice embodied everything needed to convey every possible mood and feeling. Yes we all know he had an unstoppable range, but it was his tone and emotion that was like no other. Anger, Romanticism, Hope, Aggression, Sadness, Levity, Spiritualism and Beauty. The guy sang with everything. His super high yet masculine scream was just as moving as his low register smooth crooning. He wasn't just a monster vocalist though. His song writing and unique sense of melody was near perfect to me. The albums "Euphoria Morning" and "Songbook Live" are complete pictures of Mr. Cornells talents and no music collection should be without them. He was my vocal idol and a major influence on my musical life. There was so much more he could've done, so many more musical styles for him to explore. It's hard to believe I will never hear that perfect voice on anything new ever again. I'm so blessed to have been able to witness his Euphoria Morning Tour, 3 of his intimate solo shows in Lakewood and a Soundgarden show in Chicago.. I will miss you Mr. Cornell. "You were the Voice of Rock" and I doubt there will ever be another that comes even close to your talent. 
Rest in Peace @chriscornell #chriscornell

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