Little Steve-O This Week

Sat 4/3 Beaus on the River (Sheraton) w/ John Markovic 7-10 pm 

*all COVID protocols are being strictly followed and appreciated.In other words - be respectful of the musicians and other patrons.DO NOT come near us without a mask even for a second. For we are not wearing masks during the time we are performing for you making it a higher risk situation.Do not get up from your seat and walk around or go to the restroom without a mask.Don’t care if you’ve had a vaccine or not, Don’t be selfish and please follow the protocols. Wear a mask and stay six feet away.Sorry to be so specific, but some people just aren't getting it.


Little Steve-O This Week

Thurs 4/8 WOLF CREEK TAVERN in Norton w/ Wes 7-9 pm Fri 4/9 WEST MAIN STREET WINERY in Ravenna (Solo Debut) 7-10 pm Sat 4/10 BREWSTER...